Astrology vs Numerology

canstockphoto6408392Astrology  vs. Numerology

While both Astrology and Numerology are used as guides to a person’s life path, potential, personality, strengths and weaknesses, they go about it differently..Astrology and numerology both use the birth date as the beginning of their analysis, there the  calculations end.

.Numerology uses numbers relevant to the birth. past, present the future of person having the reading. Astrology uses the positions of the sun, stars and planets for the same.

An accurate Astrological chart (Horoscope) needs the exact time and place of birth as well as the date. A five or ten minute difference  in the data can change a horoscope dramatically. An individual could believe he or she was destined to do one thing, but should really be following a different path. This is especially true when the person is born on a day when the Sun, Moon or another planet is changing signs. This is why twins born within minutes or each other can be radically different. Often people born at the same time and  place lead similar lives.

Numerology does not need the time or place, just  the day you were born  and the name on your birth certificate. Often this gives you a more accurate portrait. Your birthday never changes, but changing your name can superficially affect your expression, soul urge and other personality traits. your life path will  remain the same. You just modify the way you go about reaching your goals.

With Astrology your birth time decides what is called  your rising sign. The time plus the place of birth controls not  only the degree of the rising sign as will as those on the cusps of the twelve houses, but also the  placing of the planets in the houses. The houses represent the various parts of your life how they are affected by the movement of the planets.

. As I mentioned before your birthday does not change. If you are born on May 3, 20012, your life path is the same no matter if  you were born at ten a.m. or ten p.m. in North or South America, Europe, Asia, Africa or the North or South pole.  You as everyone else born on that day would be a Taurus with a life- path of four. Although more than one person born on a particular day, may have an identical name, no two people share the same circumstances or life experiences. This is what makes us unique.

In Astrology the face you show to the world is determined by your rising sign. In Numerology it is by your full name at birth.  In Astrology  your birth name is irrelevant, but  in Numerology it plays a major role.

Your Astrological birth horoscope is a picture of who you are and can become.It never changes.

Although both Astrology and Numerology act as guides, how you use them is up to you and your choices.  Neither Astrology or Numerology dictates how or whether you will fulfill your potential or if you decide to fight, run or freeze when you meet challenges.

You may go with Astrology, Numerology  or a combination of both. Whatever you decide, please enjoy discovering yourself.

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