Numerology – is about numbers and their relationships to our lives. Using your date of birth and birth name Numerology describes you and your potential. It, also, tells how numbers relate to your past, present and possible future. While numerology can’t predict exactly what will happen or how events will play out, it can warn  of  potential pitfalls or tell when circumstances  will be favorable. Numerology often reveas when and what type challenges you will face.

Astrology vs numerology-there are many differences and similarities  between the two. Both astrology and numerology are used to describe who you are as a person and your possible accomplishments. An accurate horoscope requires  many different reference books. Astrology requires not only your date of birth, but also  the exact time and place. A small mistake in either the time or place can result in a drastically unreliable reading and a life pursuing the  wrong path. Numerology just requires your birth date and the name on your birth certificate..

Names -how they define you. The name you were given at birth is the only thing you will ever truly own. No matter where you go, your name is always the core of your being.  A name that is lucky for one maybe unlucky for another do to a conflict with their birth date.(Life Path) A modification of a name can change a person’s life for better or worse.

Tarot-the connection to numerology  Both Tarot cards and numerology are often used to predict the future and reveal the past. The Tarot uses pictures on  seventy-eight cards to tell its tales. The numerologist just  needs a piece paper and pen to discover the  numbers relevant to your life.

Can numerology predict the future? – In a word no. A Numerologist can, like a meteorologist, estimate the possibility of a particular occurrence withing certain time period.  A meteorologist can predict that there is a thirty percent chance of rain on Sunday into Monday. We may see a few drops or the people next door can be flooded out. Numerological predictions work in  the same way. .What is for one an opportunity for another is a disaster. It depends on your reaction.

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